Situated in the beautiful place of Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote with spectacular sea views directly to Fuerteventura, this Greek restaurant opened his doors in Septembre 2007.
Since then it offers its visitors a magnificent mix of traditional Greek dishes and delicious Spanish and International cuisine.
If you are in Lanzarote it is a must to visit this restaurant, to enjoy a delightful evening and taste one of the 273 different wines that can be sereved by the maitre.
Don´t forget to call and book a table before.
Paximadi bread with tomato, feta cheese and oregano as a starter

This slice of whole grain bread, it´s so simple and thought great in its versatility. Back to the old times, villagers used to have their own corn, flour and make thier own bread.
Whenever they went to work in the fields, they always took with them a handful of olives, some goat cheese and the paximadi. This would ensure them with a healthy and fullfilling meal even outside. Of course you can eat it any time and circumstances with fresh tomatoes in summer, feta cheese, oregano and one or two good gloogs of olive oil.
It is something that comes from the very ancient times until today very alive and everybody always enjoys it.

We believe that good food is honest food.
We use only fresh meat and the right parts of the beef. We focus on quality and therefore, our manager Sebastian insists that only the highest quality ingredients are used in our kitchen.
Thanks to our experienced stuff in the kitchen, we know how to make our sophisticated guests happy. Our restaurant also offers variety of other dishes cooked on the grill.
Whether it is a barbeque – loving family or a romantic pair looking for a little privacy, Sebastyans Restaurant has something for everyone. Our menu burns with diversity and the taste will tell.

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